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The complete menu system for restaurant owner

menusso complete menu system

Our Menusso system is a complete menu solution for your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, you receive numerous benefits:

  • Saving time and costs associated with designing, editing, and printing standard menus,

  • The ability to instantly change the prices of dishes in real-time,

  • Automatic removal of dishes from the menu when ingredients run out, with their automatic reappearance the next day,

  • Elimination of the need to scan QR codes, create them, or stick them,

  • The use of artificial intelligence to translate dishes, facilitating service for international customers,

  • A system that does not interfere with the existing voucher/POS system or kitchen operations,

  • An impartial rating system that does not require collecting reviews or asking for them,

  • A real acceleration of table turnover, including an increase in the number of customers,

  • Removal of the cumbersome process of first approaching the table with menus, which also eliminates the need to wait for a waiter and blocks the table,

  • Control over the visibility of the restaurant's menu on the map through the option to block or share it as needed.

Customers who come to the restaurant gain:

  • Always up-to-date prices, even a second after their update in the system,

  • Authentic photographs of dishes, because after all, you eat with your eyes,

  • Wi-Fi password to facilitate internet access,

  • Information about kitchen hours, allowing orders to be placed before it closes,

  • Notifications about promotions and special dishes every day, so as not to miss out on any opportunity,

  • Filtering dishes according to allergens,

  • The possibility to quickly skip ingredients the customer does not like,

  • Clear rules for browsing the menu, allowing for a smooth and satisfying experience for every customer.


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