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About us

Although Menusso serves both the restaurateurs and the customers, the idea for its creation came from the customer’s side. The main issue which has resulted in creating this app was ordering food abroad in the area with little to none knowledge of the English language. Trying to understand the menu or ask the waiter about specific ingredients may be stressful and never 100% accurate. It may even be dangerous in situations where the clients are allergic to something and they can’t be sure whether it is or is not used in the dish they are interested in. This forces people to avoid eating out, which spoils the beauty of exploring new cultures when travelling.


Since menusso are one of the first things customers touch as they enter the restaurant and they are being passed from one to another - they tend to be full of germs and bacteria. This is another issue that has become even more concerning in the current pandemic times. Researchers have proven that menus can have more microbes on them than public toilets. Plastic laminated menus, which would seem easier to clean are even worse - the fact that they repel water makes them a better environment for microorganisms to grow and survive longer.


You don't have to be a restaurateur to know that managing a restaurant is not an easy task. Coming up with new recipes, managing the crew, let alone taking care of the facility and equipment - all this is difficult and time-consuming… Using fresh ingredients is understandably desired by the clientele but their availability cannot be taken for granted which means changes to the menu. Special offers of the day cannot be placed on paper, which further limits the usability of the printed menus and forces customers to rely on waiters and they are just people - they might forget something or simply not be informed well enough. Trying to keep all that up-to-date printed out would not only be an inexplicable waste of resources but also be a huge waste of time.

This is where Menusso comes in - It solves all of these problems while at the same time offering detailed analytical data on the interest in the restaurant’s offer. This can help business owners to adjust the offer, improve the quality of service and as a result maximise their profits.

Customers interested in the restaurant can view the menu even before going inside. A full list of dishes is presented to them in their language of choice - without any doubts nor hesitation, they can choose the items matching their preferences and restrictions. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live around the world and even though we are all slowly adjusting to the new circumstances and ever-changing restrictions, the importance of hygiene has never been this high. With Menusso you’re no longer forced to use the menu from the restaurant, which can be a real threat to your health. Even if you’re lucky and the menu would be available in a language that you can understand, you will still be better off using a digital one because it will be simply safer. 

So we’ve already stated that Menusso can help clients understand all the difficult ingredient names, and get the idea about the offered dishes. We’ve also mentioned the safety advantage of our app over the standard, printed menus. What’s also important from the restauranteur’s point of view are also unlimited possibilities of editing the menu. Whether it is a completely new item to add or just a temporarily unavailable ingredient - you can mark it accordingly which will help your customers decide and shorten the service time. So, in the end, they have the ability to keep the customers updated as well as a clear view of all statistics regarding the interest in their offer.

May you have any questions or somehow you're still not convinced whether Menusso would improve your business as a restauranteur or whether it would make your life easier as a customer - be sure to contact us by going to the *Contact* section of our page and choosing your favourite form of contact.

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