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Change Log 1.1 Menusso mobile app

February 28 is a memorable date for the entire Menusso mobile app development team - we are on the Apple AppStore with the 1.1 version

Kacper, Maciek, Kacper, Kamil, and Rafal - your dedication, hard work, and unwavering spirit have turned our vision into reality. Your contributions are the backbone of this success. Thank you for every moment of innovation, every challenge overcome, and every late-night discussion on Slack that brought us here. You guys didn't just make it happen; you made it unforgettable.

the link to the appstore app is here

I do not give full names, because of GDPR in Europe ;pppp

the keynotes of 1.1

  • full auto login via Google and Apple

  • translations of menus

  • auto zoom on map

  • apple store mode ON :)


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