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Top 10 Must-Know Features of the Application

Here are the 10 most important points about the application:

  1. Neutral Opinion on Restaurants: The app remains neutral in its approach to reviewing restaurants, focusing on functionality rather than opinion.

  2. Instant Menu Translation: It offers immediate translation of menus into various languages, catering to a diverse clientele.

  3. No Need for Physical Menus: Eliminates the need for printing physical menus, especially beneficial when updating prices or menu items.

  4. Insights on Menu Popularity: Provides insights into which dishes are most and least popular, aiding in efficient menu management.

  5. Efficient Table Turnover: Enhances table rotation efficiency as customers can make quicker dining choices.

  6. Reduction in Staff Workload: Reduces the need for staff, particularly waiters, to translate menu items, saving time and effort.

  7. Real Dish Images: Uses real photos of dishes, offering customers a more informative and appealing view than traditional text-based menus.

  8. Update Regular Customers: Allows for easy communication with regular customers about new items and updates in the menu.

  9. Cost-Effective: Saves costs associated with printing and reprinting menus for updates and changes.

  10. Ingredient Management: Helps in better managing ingredients by identifying less popular dishes, reducing waste and unnecessary expenditure.

These features collectively enhance customer experience, streamline restaurant operations, and potentially increase profitability.


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