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Gingerbread and Chat GPT power!

Team Menusso just finished decorating homemade xmass gingerbread cookies. While decorating, I thought that I absolutely must show you, dear restaurateurs, how our meal translation system works.

In the video below, I quickly put a description of the gingerbread. It's a very simple example, but it well demonstrates the advantages of using AI.

Normally, in the Polish language, we have various additional characters like ą and ę, etc. Here, in the description, the text is plain without Polish characters. Additionally, there is a language mistake in the word "wypjekane," where "j" is used instead of "i" in a phonetic way, which is, of course, incorrect.

Furthermore, for confusion, there is the phonetic mistake in Thermomix name, where "X" in Polish can be written as "ks."

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, our system easily handles the chaos in the reustaurant kitchen and professionally manages menu translation for restaurant guests.

Now it's time to eat Menusso's gingerbread cookies! :))


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